Best and Worst Self Publishing Services

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) put together this INCREDIBLE list of self publishing services and rated them. This is the BEST resource like this I have ever seen. Use it to find reliable people to help you get where you want to go – and to avoid the scammers!

(Tip: At the top left corner of the table, you can choose to show All. Do that. So much easier.)

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I found it interesting that the service ratings betrays mixed motivations on ALLi’s part. ALLi’s ‘partners’ are all shown in green (“excellent” category, with a little badge) when their own analysis sometimes shows less than stellar results for the partner.

For example, you’ll notice that Amazon is a solid green (“excellent”) as a distributor, whereas Apple Books is blue (“Recommended”). If you look at the either the KDP or Apple entry, you see a link to ALLi Watchdog’s analysis of Apple vs. Amazon, which concludes:

It’s time for the final analysis—who is the best retailer for ebooks?

Forget that you make more sales on Amazon, which I’m sure most of you do. Forget everything anyone ever told you and put a blindfold on your emotions. Look at the cold hard facts.

Apple treats authors fairly. All authors.

There’s no question in my mind who the best retailer is. I may not sell as many books with Apple—yet—but it’s a whole lot more fun working with them. And I’d much rather work with a true partner…so I’ll be rooting for Apple to continue to gain market share and provide more competition.

So, Apple is the winner in ALLi’s Wachdog analysis, and the “true partner” - but Amazon, which pays ALLi according to the partner members page (“Fees for partner membership are staggered, depending on how many employees your company has.”), gets the little badge of honor.