Best Destiny Writing Group—Co-Writers Needed!



• Are you between the ages of 16 and 22?

• Do you work well on a team?

• Do you dream of cultivating a following on Wattpad?

• Do you yearn to enhance your writing craft, but aren’t exactly sure how to do so?

Best Destiny wants to meet you!

We are hiring co-writers for our 2019 team. We will work with you to develop, write, edit, and promote co-written stories to be posted on our group account. Go to @BestDestinyCrew to apply. We welcome beginners as well as more experienced writers.

We are hiring 5-7 new team members.

We will navigate the outlining, drafting, editing, and advertising processes with you. Our team editor, resources guide, and artists are at your disposal.


We’ll coach you through outlining, drafting, and editing.


Six slots left!


Five slots left!


Still open to new writers!


Fantasy, sci fi, werewolf, teen fic, paranormal writers—all accepted!