Best Laptops For Writing



I’m in the market for a new laptop.

My budget is between $400-$500. I’ll be using it mainly for web surfing, word editing, and graphic making.

I’m considering a Lenovo Ideapad 330, with 8th gen Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB RAM DDR4, 256GB Solid State Drive. Listed on Amazon for only $450. Anyone have any experience with these?

What brand/ specs do you guys recommend?


Maybe something like a Del Inspiron? It’s nothing fancy but it’ll get the job done.


I personally really like the thinkpad keyboards. I think this should get the job done, and is just shy of 430 usd, though I haven’t used this personally. Your selection seems fine, but you might want to check the graphics capability if you are really into graphic making.


Lenovo is amazing. I have the Lenovo Legion Y720 and I’m in love with it. The one you’re looking at looks great! You don’t need a very large processor for just writing and surfing the web, so i3 is more than enough. And you’re getting an SSD drive, which is seriously the best thing since sliced bread.

I’d recommend the one you’re looking at right now.


The Surface Pro. I just got it recently with the signature type cover, and I have not known such writing bliss since I first discovered a keyboard. Being able to write in any weird position (sitting, lying down, on the floor, at a weird angle on the sofa…) has been incredible. Being able to tap on the screen as I’m doing research and then go back to typing when I flip back to my manuscript…amazing. If you’re willing to make the investment, I cannot recommend the Surface Pro enough!


Hell no!
That was my worst idea to buy. It is a good machine indeed, but I definitely not recommend it to writers. A writer like to write literally ANYWHERE! You can do that with a “lap-top” EASY, but not with a surface pro. For a surface pro you need a decent desk and a chair. Not a bed, a bath or even outside a park. If you looking for something to write, then choose a business laptop or a notebook instead. Something with a good and strong hinge, and with a decent keyboard. There are plenty out there, but hell, avoid surface pro for writing, please! This is a bad tip.


Inspiron it’s a bit over the limit I guess. It’s all depends on the budget. What I really find useful for myself, is got a less expencive, slow but STRONG (and stable) business laptop, with a good, trusty keyboard. If you need it for writing, then buy one only for writing. It helps you spend more time on content creating and save money as well.
Get a dell latitude, a thinkpad a hp probook (with no vga) or a macbook (no need pro, a cheap version is more than enough).


I humbly disagree, but to each their own.


My past two laptops have been from Dell. The first time it was mostly because I was on a budget. This second time it was because I honestly found that I like the keyboard setup on a Dell. A lot of laptops that I looked at seemed like they really weren’t built for someone to do a lot of typing on them. The keys were small or they were placed in awkward spots, etc.

My advice is to actually walk around a local store where they have laptops on display and just get a feel for the keyboards on them (and then you can walk out without actually buying one if they’re all over your budget at that store!).


I did end up going with the Lenovo Ideapad. It was within my budget and fit my specs. I’ve asked a few people about running Photoshop on the i3 core and everyone said it should run it fine, main difference being speed it takes to process effects.

Got the laptop four days ago from Amazon, and I have to say, it’s a pretty snappy little computer. My only gripe is that the battery sucks, but for the price, they had to cut corners somewhere. (Its fine for me considering I mostly use it at home.) Thanks for all your input!


You’re very welcome! All that truly matters when it comes to Photoshop is the rams. And the one you chose has an adequate amount for it. (Maybe just don’t work with 200+ layers in one file :wink: )

Good luck with your new tech!


Honestly? I’ve had both a PC and 2 Macs, and my apple products have won top spot with everything that has to do with writing. If your budget is 4-5 hundred, I’d get an ipad, and a keyboard. Ipads are great, and are much more portable than computers. I currently have a macbook pro but I go to my ipad to get writing done more often than not.


I’m considering a Purism Laptop, but that’s mainly because I’m a Linux user. I’d try not to find one to much less than $300, because one I have ended up with broken keys.