Best sites for your own writer's blog or website

Hello people,

I was thinking of creating my own writer’s blog or website as an accompaniment to Wattpad. What apps or websites are people using to create this? Is Wordpress or squarespace value for money or is there a better free option?

Any guidance in this area would be much appreciated.

I am also looking for something similar. I have tried Wix but found it lacking in programmatic support. I suspect Squarespace is equally weak. Most of these sites produce excellent brochures but lack interactive elements beyond eCommerce.

Wordpress may be a better solution. It has a higher learning curve. I do like the integration with Google apps. If their documentation is to be believed, the site can be updated via changes to Google documents. Something that would make my life easier.

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WordPress is good. They’ve got free, customizable templates, you can set up mailing lists, and you can make them look pretty cool. I personally use WordPress for my own website.

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Wordpress. Endless possibilities.

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Thankyou everyone. I’m going to try wordpress as per your advice.