Best Typo in Your Writing

I’m new here. Actually what attracted me to WattPad was the chance to connect with people. That being said, what was the best typo you found in your writing so far?

Found this little gem talking to my sister and couldn’t stop laughing. (May have snorted water up my nose. Not a fun experience).

  • I kick box.

  • Should’ve been: I kicked the box.

What’s yours?

I think the most ironic one was in my short story.

It was: She carefully avoided his fate. Aiming for his stomach.
It should have been: She carefully avoided his face. Aiming for his stomach.

It was just kind of funny, I remember laughing out loud when it was automatically corrected to that XD


That’s a good one! :joy:

Can only recall one off hand: I dug my hands into my head.


Definitely creates a whole different image!

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I’ve done that too.

“Would you shirt up already?”

“Someone fapped them on the shoulder.”

“I’ll slut your damn throat.”

“Gay clouds blocked out the sun.”


So glad it’s not just me! Those are amazing!! I started writing mine on post-it notes and when I take myself a bit too seriously, I have a good laugh :rofl:


Rainbow clouds? XD


Sure. Way more fun than gray clouds!


I mean … I often seem to forget the “r” in “shirt” … so I seem to write “shit” instead a lot. :rofl:


I handed it a college paper today that said “dicked down hard” instead of “kicked down hard”… in regards to a child getting kicked hard… yep.


My favorite was:

  • He slid his hand into her waste.





Hahahhh!!! I’ve found others in my writing but, hands down, that has to be my favorite. :joy:


This wasn’t from a story, but a list we were doing in class back when I was in grade 7.
I wrote:
I have a gooding understanding of grammar.
I died.


That is fantastic! I almost choked on water!!

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:rofl: A new favorite for sure!

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I may have laughed too hard at this one. Sorry! :joy:

Hahahh!!! It killed me! :joy:

hey it’s all good! My prof had a laugh himself

the typo I made and won’t be doing again is “public” without the “l” - “pubic”. :sweat_smile:

My best typo slipped through three rounds of editing and made it into a published book.

In the story, the horse was named Pancho and the Hispanic character was named Paco (“The name’s Paco.” / “Really? Seriously?” / “Yes, it’s a Hispanic name, you fucking racist! It’s like being named John or Fred!” / “Just saying, sounds kind of generic…”) and the scene was a showdown between two groups, the protagonists on one side, the antagonists on another. (As is right and proper, LOL)

So, there was a slight mistake in the text.

Paco ignored everything around him to chew on the oats in his feedbag.
Pancho stood up suddenly, firing the shotgun point blank into a man’s chest.

It was almost six months before someone pointed it out in a review.