Beta Exchange Needed

  • Title: Moonflower
  • Genre and sub-genres: Contemporary Romance / Rockfiction
  • Description:
    When two people who were together in high school meet again over a decade later, they never expected to ever actually get together. Especially considering the fact that they now lived 10, 174 miles apart.

After Nick had a run-in with the wrong crowd, his manager sent him on a mandatory leave to South Africa ‘to clear his head and get his act together’. It seemed completely harmless, after all.

Could meeting that quirky red-head called Liana turn his not-so-perfect world upside down and make him think twice about returning to his band?

An epic adventure across the breathtaking continent filled with love, fear and everything a rockstar isn’t supposed to be.

  • Any other information you feel is needed:
    I’m looking for someone to do some serious beta reading on my book. I want you to be dead honest and rip it apart if you have to. No sugarcoating, please.
    I’m willing to do chapter for chapter exchange, preferably via docs
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You’re story sounds interesting. I love the romance genre and i’d like to be a betareader. I don’t have a story finished yet so I will do it for free.

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