Beta for Beta (Unique Fiction Blend)

NOTE: You don’t have to opt to critique the whole thing. The chapters are split into sets.
Love, Nemesis
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Dystopian, Romance
Details: It’s about 130K, split into 3 POVs and in an allegorical way explores lessons learned/questions about trauma, mental illness and healing.
There are 3 google documents, each with 10 chapters. I prefer getting critiques on the first set so then I can apply that feedback to the 2nd and 3rd set before the beta readers move on (so that you don’t have to keep critiquing the same kind of stuff).

My biggest concern is plot holes and story development. Don’t worry about typos/grammar etc. It’s a complicated story and I think it has some powerful messages but I need to get better in order to really pull it all off.

I can offer a beta read in exchange, now or in the future. Let me know!

The world doesn’t remember its trauma.

Repressed or denied altogether, any truth about the war was buried under six feet of dirt in a coffin of lies.

They found Baker running through the wheat with a bandaged arm and no memory of how she lost it. An orphan and unlikely survivor of the war, the villagers never accepted her. She is an unanswered question, and her quest for answers might just unravel them all.

The war had no heroes. Jackson repeats the mantra, even as a hero himself. A lone survivor of the radical cult that won, he’s unhinged at best. Only one revelation reels him out of a downward spiral: one of his targets is still alive.

A soldier of the now ruling State, Ella has given her life for a future she hopes everyone can believe in. With one year left to live, she accepts a final mission, but when the war’s secrets unravel and divergent paths intercept, Ella must rely on the help of her new, unlikely comrades.

The world didn’t remember its trauma.

As it crawls out of the grave, those that survived it must ensure that the truth doesn’t bury them all.

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Are you still looking for a beta exchange? Your book sounds really interesting, I am new to the community but would be happy to do an exchange. My book is written and will need a beta read in March. I am happy to tell you more about it in a PM if you are still in need. Thanks.

im interested
dm me and il send you an email

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