Beta Needed for a 22k WLW Novella

Hi, my name is Rumi and I recently finished my first novella, posted on Wattpad and currently marked as completed. I need a beta reader to look over it since most critique exchanges don’t go past the first five chapters at most and I have some reader-targeted questions before I actually start advertising everywhere.

I’m currently too busy to beta your work in return but I’d be happy to follow you and offer credit in the preface.

The Story


In which the sun freaked out six years ago and fried all the electronics on the surface of the Earth.

It’s that time of year in an indistinguishable summer, there’s a word for not-anniversary for the annual visit to her grandma’s grave, Olivia tags along and Adele reads her poetry. Falls in love all over again.

Feel free to PM me or comment below if you’re interested.

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I’d be happy to beta read for you! If you could contact me with more details, that would be great!
~Sy :hearts:

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Still looking!

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