Beta Needed for Abuse-Themed Poetry Memoir

Title: Colors I Cannot See

Genre and sub-genres: Poetry, nonfiction

Description: This is a collection of poems that tell my life story up to now (where I am at once finally happy and in a really good place, so it has a happy ending so far). It’s supposed to be a reflective journey of self-discovery, and of working through my abuse in poetic format. The goal is to tell a story and to help people who have either been in a similar situation relate to it, or to help people who don’t know much about abuse to understand the effects it has on a person.

Blurb: Childhood is a time of joy and despair.
A time of love and hatred.
A time of growth and stunted reflections.

What I’m Needing: This is a collection of poems that details my life, so nothing story-wise will be changed. I will, however, need help to place the poems in order (not certain of the order they are currently in). I would also really love another’s advice on the structure/form of the poems. They are freeform, but I want them to be aesthetically pleasing and I understand that not all of them fit the par. I also need to know if I gave enough information within all the poems to actually tell the story, or if I avoided too much (I did try to avoid some of the darker themes, but I would be willing to go back if someone felt that was necessary to the story itself). It’s really hard for me to judge my own poetry.

Any other information you feel is needed: Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, childhood abuse, attempted suicide, self-harm, etc. There is nothing graphic in this story.

Payment: I can create any graphic type for you, do a beta-read in return (for any story, but I’m not super into fanfiction or teen fiction stories), I do editing services so I could edit for you (I cannot edit poetry, but I am fairly good at editing prose), or anything that you’re wanting as payment I can definitely do my best to complete. Of course, it must be within Wattpad regulations, so no vote-trading, money trades, etc.

Hello, I also write poetry. I can be your beta reader, would love it if you can also give me some feedback on my poems as well, like if it has typos, whether it flows well and is generally coherent or not. My collection is titled Eternal Poetry, its mainly about different ideas in my mind. Its so tough to judge one’s own poetry lol.

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I would love that! And yes, it is so hard to judge one’s own poetry.

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Sure, its night here so I’ll get on to it tomorrow morning lol

Hey! I’d be happy to beta-read , I write poetry myself and I’mm currently in the process of writing a collection i will soon publish , so I know a thing or two about poetry and i’d be happy to help you out! :slight_smile:

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Okay, that would be lovely! What would you like as payment?

If you wanted you could read my poetry collection? But no payment required otherwise :slight_smile:

could you message me , is that an option on wattpad? I can give you my email there?

Yes! You can direct message me on Wattpad. My username is @annie1loves1you.

are you able to message me? I cant find the button xD

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