Beta Needed for first 6 chapters in Dark Teen Drama

  • The Dark Side Of Silver Linings
  • Teen Fiction/ Drama
  • The Blurb is “Cherrywood is an idyllic town on the surface, but deep down, it’s an ugly mess where rich, bored teenagers play dangerous games. But what happens when a sociopath twists the rules and changes three less-than-innocent lives for the worse, even when the games are over?”

The story follows 3 main character but the Central character is Quin. I added 5 introductory chapters so you meet the antagonist and Quin before she made the change from Manic Pixie dream girl to Queen bitch. I was originally going to start the story from chapter 6 and you will learn Quin’s past like the other characters but someone else suggested I do the first 5 thing. I’m not sure about it I need 5 (or 3 just needs to be an odd number of people) to tell me keep or kill.

I will read 6 chapters of whatever you tell me with comments.


I’m up for this.

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I wound up deleting the first 5 and restarting but if I find 2 more people I would like you guys the check out The Dark Side of Silver Linings when im done editing it.

I’d like to read thissss.

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Hi! I’d like to beta read this but I’ve never done that before, so bear with me if you’re ok with me taking part :slight_smile:

Btw the storyline sounds really interesting

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Hello all! Thank you I’m currently doing ONC but would totally love if you can all check it out when I’m done I’m going to follow you guys and will message when I’m ready if that’s cool


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ONC is a writing competition.

Okay let me know when’s it’s ready!


Hello @Lunderwic @BittenbyaBookBug @_itz_shifana I’m doing light edits on the story so if you could please read the Prolog to

The Dark Side OF Silver Linings

&nd tell me If:

  1. You feel anything is missing.

  2. There is too much info being dumped.

  3. Overall feel even if its bad.

  4. If theres anything that should be corrected, changed or deleted in your opinion.

This story will follow Alexandre, Quin, and a new MC Camden who will be introduced after a two year time skip where he will have to piece together what happened and what secrets his new friends are covering up.

With how I’m currently writing the story Alexandre wont be reintroduced for 16 chapters and I’m unsure if I’m going to change that so please let me know if you think following this read the time gap be trickled in within relevant chapters or to be skipped per chapter I.E Chapter one current-day Chapter two past a dual timeline story.

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