Beta Reader and/or Editor needed for 10k words short ROMANCE story

Hello! I have a short romance of only 10000 words, that has been recommended by Wattpad’s official account @StoriesUndiscovered :smile: I want someone to check my grammar and vocabulary, and how they feel in general about the flow of the story, the pacing, character-building, etc.

Here are my story and the blurb:


What happens when a death row prisoner and a prostitute fall in love?

Vy is a girl who can see colour, and she knows she’s destined to become a great painter. Her confidence dwindles as she’s subjected to berates from her classmates and her own mother. She crosses path with Truong, the loan shark who makes sure her mother pays her loan on time. Slowly, they get closer and closer, and everything starts to fall apart.

Happy to provide a Google Doc link if you need it :smiley: Thank you!


I would like to be a beta reader. Please provide the google doc link in the pm

I am most interested.

Heya! :smile:

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