Beta Reader Exchange!

Hi :star_struck:, are you looking for Beta Readers? Are you a Beta Reader? Then this is the place for you! This is for authors who need beta readers for their completed stories.

If you would like to offer beta reading services, or receive beta reader services, you can advertise in the Critiques and feedback group or browse the authors and offer your services. Beta Readers not only read the whole story but they also give feedback on whether there is good character development, grammatical errors, tone of voice, and so forth.

I am looking for maybe 1-2 Readers and I’m offering my services too!

Please include the following:

  • Title:
  • Genre and sub-genres:
  • Description:
  • Any other information you feel is needed (mature, story length, ect.)

Here are my works based on Genres (click on it!) :


Title: Awakening the Unknown
Brief Blurb: Kassidy Grayson is killed in a vehicular accident by an unknown enemy on her eighteenth birthday. After she dies, she makes it to the World of the Afterlife and meets her tutor Solanis. Discovering that she was no longer the regular pack member she used to be, she uncovers new powers that awakened with her death.
Additional Info: This story is mature due to violence, language, gore, and sexual instances. This story is about 85K words (1500-2500 words per ch.) Currently under light revision.


Title: Food Poisoning
Brief Blurb: Darryn, Andre, Armani, and Tyler make the fatal mistake of eating a salad for lunch that fateful Monday. The salad dressing turned the four best friends into flesh-crazing monsters, causing the Apocalypse as they know it.
Additional Info: This story is mature due to violence, gore, language and sexual instances. This story is ongoing (14 ch. about 1500 words per ch.)


Title: Death
Brief Blurb: Cardinal Lange is a seer, she can see the past, present, and future with her abilities. Unknown to Cardinal, she is chosen to save the World of the Living from clashing with the World of the Afterlife, and the only way she can accomplish that…is by being with Death.
Additional Info: This story is mature due to violence, gore, language, and sexual instances. This story is ongoing (25 ch. about 1500-2500 words per ch.)


Title: Three Broken Kingdoms
Genre and Sub-Genres: Fantasy, High Fantasy.
Description: ‘The threads of fate were weaving. Tighter and tighter, around the throat of the Lost Continent.’
Three Kingdoms on the brink. A war on the horizon.
In the Lost Continent, three races are forever divided: valkyries, elves and humans…
For as long as anyone can remember, tensions between the three have been high and war has always been on the horizon. Indeed, a mere thirty years ago the valkyries and elves tore each other apart in the name of vengeance, each side blaming the other for the deaths of their goddesses. But now as the Empress of Kallias and ruler of all humankind turns to the North, valkyries and elves will have to fight to survive against a threat unlike any they’ve seen before…
War. Love. Hate. Betrayal. Duty. Fate. Revenge. Magic. And above all, power.
Blood will be spilt. Dreams will be crushed. Vengeance will be had.
Three Kingdoms on the brink. Only one will survive the War of Flame and Shadow.

I’d be happy to beta read your book in exchange (though I don’t do mature stuff. Willing to skip over and read the rest). Looking for any feedback, but prefer stuff about characters, world-building, plot etc.

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Hi, my story has only two mature-like scenes and they’re not that big apart from the plot, I’ll find which chapters have the scenes and notify you. There’s a whole lot of gore and some mentions of rape, ut I’d be happy to read your story.

My Story: Awakening The Unknown

Genre: Paranormal (werewolves, witches, dead stuff, etc)

Description: In the quiet town of Raven’s Creek, two mates, both cursed by the past. After enduring, fatal accidents on their eighteenth birthdays are not like any other mates. With only one year separating their births, an unknown force takes the lives of both mates. Only after traveling to the World of the Afterlife, are the two mates bestowed with extraordinary elemental powers.

Without knowing why they have importance, the mates must find out what part they play in their enemy’s agenda before it’s too late…

Cool! I’ll probably be fine with that. How do you want me to give feedback? On the story or PM?
(Also please keep in mind that I’ll do my best but I’m not an expert).

In the story with in-line comments please, I’ll be able to go back and forth from my phone and laptop when editing and see what I need to work on

Great. I’ll get onto it as soon as possible (thanks for what you already did on mine btw).

No problem!

What story do you want a Beta reader for? I actually don’t have a story I want read right now, but I would like to be a reader for someone else.

Awakening the Unknown if you like Paranormal Fantasy, or Food Poisoning if you like science fantasy , when you write a book I’ll beta read it for you too

Title: The Champion
Genre: Fantasy
Description: To The Champion, the world is very simple: follow orders and rise through the ranks. His lifestyle is forward; he never looks back; however, as he helps the humans recover from a civil war, he is soon forced to face his past. What is right and wrong?
Only time will tell as the secret unravels in blood. A hero is no easy title to relish, especially for one that struggles to comprehend what is Good and Evil at times.

I’m looking for a beta reader, and for payment, I can do the same–this is about 78k words. I’d prefer to read fantasy, but anything except poetry, werewolf, fanfic should be fine.

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Title: The Skullmatch


You either defeat the zombies, or you dies…

Being a Skull Hero, made a protector should have been changing your life for the better. But knowing Hunter’s luck, it came a problem in anything involving the trigger words “zombies”, “enemy”, and “Caleb the bully”.

With an ring created by this old man, the ring selected Hunter to conjure a magical, bone-imaged sword with metal-white, claw blade and some bone-created armour to save both Humans on Earth and skeletons living underground in skeleton city.

Being a hero means for Hunter embarks in a quest to of fixing crushed bones, defeating gruesome zombies, and banishing bullies, but is it possible that maybe he would save skeleton city from the zombie leader?

Hunter think yes.
Everybody else says impossible.

Genre: Horror/ teen fiction

Number of chapters: The first four please.

Any other information you feel needed (how scary, story length, spelling and grammar)

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Hey! Would you be willing to Beta Read any science-fantasy dystopian stuff? Its the only other book I have that isn’t werewolf based.

Is what you want feedback on spelling and grammar and how scary it is?

Yeah I could

Okay, check the links I already put up at the top of the thread, it should be the second one

On scary, how it could be more scary/ give nightmares for ideas and description. And spelling and grammar, could you possibly check flow of sentence, grammar, spelling punctuation errors, point it out, or like reword the sentences so it has better quality and makes more sense.

I will try, although I am not a beta reader and I pretty rubbish at it.

Its cool, I’ve beta read a couple stories already, its pretty easy

Is this group still active?

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yea hey

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