Beta Reader Exchange

UPDATE: I’m no longer looking for an exchange, but I am still accepting betas.

Hi I’m looking for either one beta reader exchange or a few beta readers for my completed novel.

I would prefer someone comfortable reading lgbt and mature themes with multicultural elements.

I’m willing to do an exchange to read your complete work. I accept all genres except fan fiction. If you would just like to read for me as a beta, then just indicate you’re okay with the themes I mentioned.

I’m looking for feedback on character development, plot development, overall readability. I don’t need too much commentary on grammar unless it greatly impacts readability. I’m willing to provide the same in an exchange.

Title: Battle Scars
Genre: General Fiction
Blurb: Life is a game of winning and losing. Some are players; some are pawns.

However, players face hard truths. Players take risks. Pawns get used. When Senna was thrown away by her girlfriend, she not only lost love, but her confidant, Zhang Wei, as well. Used to only being the pawn, Zhang Wei and Senna must forget their friendship; after all, only players take what they want. With life and love on the line, can the sudden emergence of a peculiar key player, turn the tables in their favor?

In a whirlwind of self-discovery, Senna and Zhang Wei must navigate through family, love, addiction, and loss. But, through the haze of sacrifice and success, one person’s greed threatens to raze everything, forcing these friends back together under tumultuous circumstances. It’s time to step into their fated roles, propelling those who would see them fail, into Checkmate…

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I’d be interested in reading your story. Just curious- what is your average chapter length and what is your read count?

I’m not quite done with my WIP, but if you want to check out the blurb and let me know if you’d be interested in an exchange, let me know: Accidentally Stealth

I don’t understand why read count is important. But chapters are between 2k-4K words.

Sorry, I didn’t mean read count, I meant total word count. My bad.

Accidentally Stealth is approximately 20k words right now. It has a few chapters left to go, but it’s on track to be less than 25k when complete. What I’m debating is whether or not to rewrite it to be a full-length novel with 50k+ words. So, I really would like feedback on pacing and transitions between scenes (some are a bit clunky).

Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

My novel 113k total words. We can do an exchange. Would you like commentary to be private messaged?

Hi! I’m so bored right now I’m willing to do this lol. I have a gxg story, it has a growing plot overall once you read it, I’ve been getting positive feedback but I’m looking for international readers’ opinions. wattpad. com/myworks/209850139-lover

It has mature gxg content so let me know if you’re not comfortable.

LOVER: 22 Chapters, 15-2k words for the first few chapters then 3-4k for the rest

Franki wakes up in a Vegas hotel suite married, hungover and finds herself in a situation with a girl who’s currently engaged to someone else.

Is your story completed?

Comments on the chapter are just fine. Do you prefer critiques PM’ed?

I’ll start reading yours tonight.

Whatever you’re most comfortable with is fine.

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Hi, sorry it’s still ongoing.

Okay, I’ll read what you have.

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