Beta-Reader Fantasy novel 86k (equal payment provided)

I’ve recently reworked my first novel to I level I consider to be industry acceptable. Now I look for people pointing out mayor flaws in the plot or writing style. Meaning that you should read it, and then answer a few questions, but nitpicking on every paragraph is not required.

  • Title: A Reluctant Soldier
  • Genre and sub-genres: Fantasy, High Fantasy(More or less.)
  • Description:
    The Kingdom spans the whole world. A world full of magical races and wonders.

Under the rule of the new allmage, the world is looking at peaceful times ahead, because he unites all eight magical races into one king they can look up to. The prophecy says that an allmage will save the world.

But then, a horde of orcs threatens the capital of the Kingdom. The royal army recruits every able man to create a force that can repel them.

A sarcastic farmer couldn’t care less about the war. Even if they’d got overrun, they’d still need farmers. So, he isn’t happy when he’s forced to join the army. His ill-conceived humour and guile bring him into trouble way before reaching the battlefield.

This is a high fantasy novel from the perspective of a powerless human, who only cares about surviving and getting back home. He is not a basic hero, you will often not agree how he deals with other people.

  • Any other information you feel is needed:
    There’s a lot of swearing and a fade to black sex scene.

If you give me helpful input, I will give you a shout-out.

If you have a completed story in Paranormal/Fantasy/Sci-Fi about the same length, I will also Beta-Read your story.

If you have a shorter story, I may also critique more thoroughly.

Please contact me directly if you’re interested. I will send you a link to a google docs of the newest version.

On wattpad, not up to date, it’s just too laggy to update feasibly.

Questions to answer:

You have my eternal gratitude
Symon Pude

Interesting. We seem to work on similar genres. Do you still accept an exchange?

Yes, gladly.
For me, communication over Email is best, but personal messages on wattpad is fine.

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