Beta Reader for a completed romance shortstory (with payment)

I have a completed paranormal romance shortstory and I’d love a beta reader to help me out by giving me some constructive criticisms.

  • Genre and sub-genres: Romance, Paranormal, Shortstory

  • Description: Running from the men her stepfather sold her to, Erika lives in a small town, all alone. But, is she really living alone or is there someone else who’s there with her? And what if that ‘someone’ is not even a human?

  • Gifts/ Payment: I could give you 2 follows or you can ask for a different payment and I’ll let you know if I can do it.

Hi! I would be up for beta reading your story! In exchange would you mind reading the first three parts of one of my stories and just commenting any feedback you might have?

hi! I’m interested, I could do it if you could return the beta reader service for my book “Paralyzed Love” and provide some feedback

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