• Title: Queen of His Heart
  • Genre and sub-genres: Werewolf; Romance; Young Adult; A little mature
  • Description:

“I’m a monster,” he whispered.

“No,” she said emphatically, “you’re a God.”

“You don’t wish I was human?” He asked, skeptically.

She stayed quiet and leaned close to him, kissing him. “It isn’t my job to change how you are, it’s my job to keep you exactly the way you are,” she whispered. “I love you as you were made, both man and beast. The most beautiful parts of us are the ones we hide.”


In their Lycanthrope world, mates were life. Up until meeting their mate, the wolf and the human are incompatible. Internally, it’s a constant battle field for dominance between the two forms. Mates civilizes and brings together both forms. Mates were the liaison; they simultaneously calmed the beast and set fire to the soul.

King Adalric Romanov was now over three centuries old. His madness was beginning to consume him. He knew it would only be a matter of time before he would become a tyrant in his own Kingdom, ruled by unadulterated rage and aggression. His wolf was consuming him. His human form was losing the war that brewed deep within him.

When Adalric killed a prisoner, he knew that it was a true sign of his downfall. The following week, he scheduled his death. He would have his Beta kill him in order to preserve what sanity he had left. He never found his mate and he had accepted that.

But when a certain girl stumbles in front of him, he can’t ignore his intrinsic reaction to her. It was as if he was finally living. Colors seemed brighter. Sounds became clearer. And for once, his raging beast calmed. He was at peace.

But the girl in front of him was only eighteen. She had not lived as she should have before being tied down by royal duties and his sullied love.

She needed time, and he would wait as long as he could.

All along she believed he didn’t want her.


“Of course I love her,” he said. “You only give people you love the power to destroy you.”

#218 in Mates cover by Witchoria
#12 in alpha 5/1/19

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Please let me know if you are interested! I need someone to go over my chapters and give m feedback. Payment includes: permanent follow, critique on a chapter of your book, a canvas edit, and credit!


Is the story complete?

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Yes:) The story is complete

I’m interested in reading it. Do you mind if I add the review/feedback to my review book?

Yes, that is okay:)

I finish your review. If you have any questions for me please sent them my way.

How’s it going?
Stll need a beta reader?

Are you still looking for beta readers? I would be open to doing a swap.

I’m interested!! Still need readers??

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