Beta Reader for YA Coming of Age

Howdy, guys! I’m currently self-editing my book, and I would love an extra set of eyes (or more!). Hephaestion is a YA coming of age story following Elio Balotelli in the summer of 1987 as he transitions into adulthood all while facing addiction, getting into college, and dealing with the death of a loved one. It does have some darker themes such as drugs, alcohol usage, and death but nothing too heavy. It’s 31 chapters and around 32k words. As a payment, I will permanently follow you or read your book. Thanks in advance!


Hey there. Mind if I give it a try? I’ll probably be able to start on 21st December at the latest. I’m in if that’s fine with you.

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Sounds great!

Hey Missy! I’m offering a first chapter edit for Wattpad authors for Christmas over on the editing forum. If you’re interested in that would you post on my board (Gingerlocks Edits Words) just so I can keep the queue up to date.

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This sounds fantastic! I also have a YA coming-of-age that features drugs and alcohol that also isn’t that dark (lol). It’s set in present day Texas but has strong 1960s/1970s vibes. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m actually working on edits right now from the last beta readers! Can I send you the next draft once it’s finished? I’m really interested in your story too

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Hello, I am interested.

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