Beta reader needed for a 50k Fantasy Romance

Hi, I am writing a fantasy trilogy. The first book is published on wattpad and the second is halfway done.

  • Title - The Starlite Heart series I - Impossible to Love
  • Genre and sub-genres - Romance (slow burn) and Fantasy (high medieval)
  • Description - Sophia Antofurota is part of the team of starlites who protect humans from nymphs. The human prince Neal is in love with her. But he can’t tell this to anyone, not even her, because starlites are supposed to be impossible to love.
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Hey there. Your description has piqued my interest. Mind if I give it a try? I’ll be able to start from 21st at the latest. I’m in if that’s fine by you.

Yeah, sure. Thank you

Hey. Would you prefer me reading it on Wattpad or would you be sharing Google docs. I’d prefer Google Docs so that I can access everything at once and any modifications suggested would be better that way than Wattpad comments. Can you PM me on Wattpad?

Ohh, I like this very much! Have you found someone already?

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