Beta Reader Needed for a Short Romance - Will Provide Payment

Hi everyone, I have this short romance story which is about 10K words, and I really need some good eyes to have a look at it and tell me what you like and not like about it, and offer way for me to improve! I prefer in-line comments on Wattpad, but if you’d like to do it on a Google doc or PM I’m totally fine with it too!

I’ll gladly provide payment in the form of critiques for up to 10K words of your work, or a follow! If you’re interested in becoming a writing buddy, please do say so, I have a couple of projects still going!


The story sounds interesting for me! :heart_eyes:

Great! I’d love if you can have a look at it. If you need anything eg. a Google doc to work on (but I’d prefer in-line comments on Wattpad), a look at your work etc. just tell me!

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It’s really up to you but if you have time, you can check mine. :wink: It’s Action-Romance with a sub-plot of mystery. :slight_smile: Spying In Secret

I’ll start reading later after dinner. :wink:

okay. im in let me know what you need PM me.

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