Beta reader needed for Element bender werewolf story!!!

Hey guys :smile: I recently started a werewolf story that dosen’t follow the typical rules and I would love beta readers who will follow the characters on their unique story. Below are the details of the story :slight_smile:

  • Title: Ring of Storms

  • Genre and sub-genres: Werewolf and romance

  • Description:

Their fate was our will to make. Like the life of a servant is owed to the master. Such was their use but the day they decided to become divided, that day did we turn the law of nature on its head—Sky Lordians.

What happens when love is pitted against the mate bond? The safety and future of a pack against an inevitable war? The determinants of one’s fate against the resolution to follow one’s path?

It is the unravelling of a stormy tale.

One that defies all rules. One that the Sky Lordians have purposefully made difficult.

Would love to be a beta reader if you still need someone. Sounds interesting!

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Yes please!! :smile:

Would you like a payment in return?

Would love for you to read my book and a mention in yours would be great! Are you looking for any specific feedback on yours? and how do you want me to give you the feedback?

You can give me your feedback via PM and I would love feedback on character development, story flow, descriptions, whether it hooks and intrigues the reader and any other feedback that you deem fit.

It has to be constructive though and well detailed.

Sure that sounds fine with me. I will go ahead and do that this weekend, if that’s fine with you.

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No problem. Thanks♥️