Beta Reader Needed for First Few Chapters of YA Horror Novel

Hi everyone, I have a Young Adult horror novel which I am looking for a beta reader for. I previously had a few, but made some large changes.
The novel is currently titled Extra Extra Bleed All About It, and centers around Finn Howard, a high school sophomore, stumbling upon a conspiracy that the newspaper staff at his high school is overrun by vampires. After a deadly run in with said vampires, Finn grows hungry for revenge.
The main thing I am looking for is whether the characters are relatable, and if the beginning is enough to hook the reader. With that being said, I primarily need the first few chapters beta read due to the changes; however, I would be more than grateful if someone was able to read through the whole thing.
The overall novel is around 60K words, the first few chapters is around 5K.
Please let me know if interested. I could possibly do a read for read, but it would have to be very soon or short as I return to college on the 8th and would not have much time to read and provide feedback.
Thank you for your time.

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