beta reader needed for futuristic action story!!!

Hello my lovelies! I’m searching for a beta reader for my recently completed story, The Serum. Any critique you can give me would be THOROUGHLY appreciated. Here’s the info:

TITLE: The Serum

GENRE: Short Story/Adventure/Thriller


BLURB: It’s the year 2250. Humanity is facing the largest threat in all of history. Ever since it first arrived in 2020, the coronavirus has mutated and developed resistance to the antibodies. Every person now lives in fear of the mutated beings, Creepers, that come alive at night, devouring anything with a beating heart.

Lizzy is no stranger to the affects of the virus. Her father and the love of her life were both taken from her and turned into the deranged monsters that lurk outside the dome. But when the president announces that they have found a serum that could repel the infection, Lizzy knows better than to hope. She wants nothing to do with the virus.

But when she’s drafted as one of the four to go and receive the serum, Lizzy has no choice but to accept. Going past the dome, walking thousands of miles through Creeper-infested ruins, then bringing back a serum that may not even work? It’s a death sentence.

But what other choice does she have?

thanks a bunch,

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This sounds interesting. How long is this story?

About 34 parts, not including author’s note, introduction/aesthetic, and after note. They’re really short parts through, only about 800 words average.

Cool. Send me the story (if it’s not in Wattpad please send me a Word document) What kind of critique do you want i.e. should I critique plot, character development, grammar and punctuation, etc. or just everything? And when do you want the critique?

If you could, everything would be great! Can you comment on Wattpad? I’ve written the whole thing on Wattpad

That’s okay. Is your username on the forums the same as your username on Wattpad (so I can find your book)?

Yes, it is.

Thank you :blush:

So sorry that I forgot to tell you :sweat: I’ve started reading. How often do you want the critique. Do you want it in every chapter, every 2nd chapter, every 5 chapters?

Sorry, I’m asking so many questions. This is my first time being a beta reader is all

If you can, every chapter would be nice. But wherever you feel there needs to be correction is fine as well:)

No prob :ok_hand:t4: