Beta Reader Needed For Greek Mythology YA Book

Hi, everyone! I’m looking for Beat Readers for a YA Greek Mythology story about four teens who must prove themselves as gods in order to reunite with their parents in Mount Olympus.

Title: Legacy
Genre and sub-genres: YA fantasy.
Description: ‘‘We’re supposed to hate each other, Brandon, but I can’t help thinking about you,’’ I whispered, tears streaming down my face.

He wiped the tears off my face and pulled me against his chest. ‘‘Then we’ll make our own future. It’s our legacy, not our parents’,’’ he whispered back, crashing his lips on mine.

We are who we are, but can we change?

Throughout their lives, they thought they were normal. They had somewhat ordinary lives. They were nothing special, just hormonal teenagers with the need to rebel.
So, what was wrong with their lives?

A lot.

Their families lied to them, hiding what they truly were. One was abused, one shunned, one was different, and another hated. That’s what they faced.

After eighteen years of oblivious knowledge, a school project led them to a doorway, ultimately helping them to find out who they were.

When everything they knew was gone, they flee to a camp for kids like them–kids with godly abilities hunted down by unseen foes and evils the human mind can barely understand.

Now they have to learn what it means to be gods if they wish to reunite with their parents on Mount Olympus. All the while learning what it truly means to have a legacy.

They must struggle, strive, and survive to discover what it means to have a legacy and how to live up to it.

Will they survive?

  • Any other information you feel is needed: I’ve been told that it reminds people of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and if you like that, then I’m sure you’ll like my book.

Hi, this sounds really good and I wouldn’t mind being a beta reader. I am not really sure how this works but I would like to help.

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Hi! Thank you for your interest! Basically, you read the story comment on what works or doesn’t. I have a few questions for the story that I would like answered. I’ll PM you.

I’ll read it :slight_smile:

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