Beta Reader needed for my complete paranormal/Fanta

Hi! I just recently finished my first book and was needing some honest feedback! I want to know what is missing, what needs more work, and brutal honesty! This is the first book of a 3 part series so it does end kind of abruptly. If you’re willing to critique my story, I will read a completed story of yours as well!

  • Title: The Dark Witch’s Daughter
  • genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
    Description: When Josie’s 18th birthday finally arrives, she is able to leave the orphanage in search for answers. The strange amulet she has clung to her whole life is the only clue she has to her family. She breaks the one human rule most wouldn’t dare…

She goes into a town that only supernaturals can enter. Josie passing through and remaining alive can only mean shes something more than human. She enrolls in a private school for the young supernatural to find the answers she may not be ready for…

I also would like someone to help me rewrite a better blurb if possible!!

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Your story sounds interesting. I can give it a try. Dunno. I’m trying to find some good stories to read here.

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Thank you!

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