BETA-READER NEEDED! (not completed) YA Novel - The Ancients

WHYYYY I need a beta reader: Because, like every writer, I want my work to be the best it can! I am very invested in my story and it’s the first one I’m really putting everything I got into it. It’s also the first I’m aiming on publishing - but I’m still far from being ready. Having a beta reader is my first step towards that becoming reality!


Summary: It’s a fantasy, werewolf, romance novel that talks about Catherine, who has the gift of controlling emotions, struggle with who she is and where she wants her life to go. Things are normal until a new family moves into their town - which is heavily secluded, so their entire arrival is one big question mark - all the while pack members are being murdered and her best friend discovers one of the family members is her soulmate. Catherine’s promised soon follows but all that comes of it is more questions…
To top it off, when Catherine makes the most difficult decision of her life, she leaves the only home she ever knew behind. Unexpectedly so, the murderers of Everett Valley aren’t far behind…
and neither is the supernatural family with all their answers.

How long is it?

long. about 40+ chapters so far. if you don’t want to do that much, just tell me how much you’re up for and that’ll be fine too. :slight_smile:

I can read that amount. After I finish with a critique and readinv on a book(it has 34 chapters I think) I’m doing. I’ll jump into yours. What kind of feedback are you looking for?

that would be perfect. any kind, actually. grammar, style, plot-holes, anything that catches your attention, really.

Hey @MissFantasyy!
Are you looking for another beta-reader? If so, please let me know!
~Sy :hearts:

yes, I am! I’ll contact you on watty :smiley:

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