Beta Reader Needed *please look inside*

Hi everyone! I’m in need of a beta reader for my completed teen fiction novel. It does include LGBTQ+ themes and that’s a heavy factor of the story. If you’re interested, this would happen through Google Docs. You can pm me any questions, or ask here. Maybe I can get one or two beta readers?

Title: The Beard

Genre and sub-genres: Teen Fiction

Description: Beard: a person who carries out a transaction (dating, marrying, etc.) to conceal the other’s sexual identity.

Emerson “Emie” Badgley has always been a sweet girl. As a baby, she never cried excessively and always slept through the night. As a toddler, she ate her vegetables and was a well-behaved child who listened to her parents. In school, she never got into fights, was an excellent student with good grades and always completed her assignments. In short, Emie was the golden child of golden children.

In her teens, Emie was always home on time and was well behaved. She even has a boyfriend, but they had never ventured beyond a few chaste kisses and hand-holding. Their platonic relationship is modest and conservative in every sense of the word.

So why is Emie’s wish to take the relationship to the next level a problem all of a sudden?

Any other information you feel is needed: LGBTQ+ themes are heavily included.

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I’m in…
It sounds interesting. When would you like it done? What kind of BETA reading do you request?

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Anytime as I want the whole story done. I’d really like someone to tell me when my characters seem odd and unrealistic or when I’m lacking in details and explanations.

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you can email me or pm whatever you like

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