Beta Reader(s) needed for Contemporary Romance (payment inc)

Title: Climbing Free
Genre and sub-genres Contemporary Fiction,
Description: Nora wants what every woman wants: more. But Nora only wants it on her own terms.

After leaving behind an abusive ex boyfriend, Nora is taking a break from ‘more,’ instead hunting nothing but the next great climb and the next one night stand. When Cody Branson walks into her life and out of her apartment, Nora’s world does the one thing she is most terrified of. It spirals out of her control.

When all pretenses of order are shattered, Nora must make a choice. Is she willing to relinquish her hard fought independence for a chance at ‘more’ with the only man who has ever made her feel truly safe? Or are that man’s vicious tendencies too risky to stake her life on?

Trigger Warnings: The story does contain descriptions and scenes of domestic violence and sexual assault
Length: ~89k words, 41 chapters
What I’m looking for: Feedback on the flow and pace of the story as well as character development. Plus anything else that you see as issues

Payment: I’ll read and critique up to 10 chapters of your work and/or follow you. If you’re looking for something else, let me know and we can work something out :slight_smile:

I’ll read it is you give me feedback on my story

Just let me know

Vampires and werewolves haven’t been my thing for a while but I’ll read :slight_smile: looking forward to your feedback!


Hey, I would love to help you to read and giving feedback, and I would love to do it for free too hahahaha just let me know!

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I will definitely take you up on that!!

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OO I would like to give this book a try

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@ily_ari_grande I know i’m a bit late (okay a lot late) but if you’re still game, let me know and let me know what I can do for you in return!

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I’m still here!!