Beta Reader(s) Needed

Hey there everyone. So I have been working on my story “Limerence: The Awakening” for 10 months now, and I have finally completed the first section of the book – which is basically introducing the main character, world building around her, and introducing the mystery of the plot that starts to disrupt her regular life.

I am only 27 chapters in, and a part of the reason it’s lagging is because I have done countless revisions on the existing chapters, deleting hundreds of words to simplify the text and delete the “passive” voice that I catch myself using. I even deleted a filler chapter because i realized it did absolutely nothing for the story.

That being said… I feel like it’s the best it can be for now. I will continue to revise, but I haven’t been able to find a beta reader that actually reads it all the way through. It’s hard because my real concern is the story flow and if the writing pace is good and if the characters are likable and draw the reader’s into their story.

I don’t know what I can pay you with to make this worth while for you, but if I can find a beta reader, here’s what I am offering…

  • I make book covers like the ones on my page and story edits like the ones on my instagram handle @ careless.whisper.s
  • I can follow you and add your wip to my public reading list
  • I can follow you, give you a shout out on my page, and a shout out in my author’s note
  • If you have your own ideas of payment let me know.

Thank you! DM me if you are interested. My story is supernatural, science fiction, with a slow burning romantic sub-plot and a strong female lead! Here is the link to the prologue:

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Hi there,

It looks like you’re trying to find a beta reader for a story. Currently, there is a #story-services:beta-readers-needed section in the Story Services club where users post in search of a beta to offer them feedback and assist with editing their stories. Your thread may be best suited for this area.

I’ve gone ahead and moved your thread.

Thank you for understanding,
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thanks. i couldn’t figure out how to find the story services tag when I posted this :slight_smile:

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Hey! Our community has many services for writers, including beta reading. I would love if you could check out comm out. We love to help writers, and we love meeting new people.

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hi! welcome to the forums! Thanks, can you send me a link to the discussions ?

hi! welcome to the forums! Thanks, can you send me a link to the discussionn?

Hi! I have a lot of free time while I quarantine, so I would really love to help you out! I read the prologue and I’m interested in how the story is going to evolve. I don’t have any professional experience, but I enjoy reading and getting sucked into plots.


Hey! Yes of course :slight_smile: I need all the help & feedback I can get. This is my first serious novel so I have been revising like crazy. Thanks so much for reaching out :heart_eyes: