Beta readers for 95k near-historical slow burn romance/mystery

Hey betas! I’ve got a polished 95k novel that I plan to start querying with and would love to get general interest feedback from readers of romance specifically!

  • Title: Beechwood
  • Genre and sub-genres: adult Historical Romance blended w/ low fantasy and mystery
  • Description: Slow burn. Multi-pov. Dual timeline. Please reach out if interested. Willing to swap for another romance!


With her memory still blighted by a strange childhood accident, Donna comes to the old seaside estate in 1962 with no memory of the woman who willed it to her but ready to embrace newfound freedom, leaving a manipulative mother and years of debilitated confinement behind her.

When the rightful beneficiary of the old Beechwood estate turns up, humble musician and tenant Henry knows she’s above his touch. She talks like Katherine Hepburn and dresses like Sophia Loren, and he’s never even seen a smile like hers before. She’s also five years younger. She’s been sheltered. He’s promised the estate’s trustee to look after her - like “a big brother,” and he’s a man of his word.

But strange things happen when they’re alone together, and as attraction intensifies, the sparks between them start to feel more physical than fanciful. As she’s haunted by nightmares of the estate’s tragic history, he’s dismissing cryptic visions that suggest he’s somehow met her before, and it’s soon clear that the past, like their otherworldly attraction, cannot be ignored for long.

Please message me if interested!

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Hello there. Your blurb got me wanting for more. I’m interested in beta reading but it would be slow. PM me if you’re okay with my slow reading.

May I suggest a new cover? Also, may I ask. Are you willing to swap on gmail? Or google docs?

Do you still need beta reader??