Beta-readers for a Taekook Fanfic?


I’m currently writing a Taekook fanfic [Highschool au] and was wondering if a few people could help me with the story by being beta readers. We can discuss things late but if you’re interested then please leave a reply.

Here’s the current blurb:

Taehyung, a senior in college is forced to take part in a choir tournament alongside his long-time crush, Jiyoo. And when Jungkook- the award-winning singer of the college- discovers his senior’s fleeting crush, he takes it upon himself to be his wingman, only for things to develop into more than just a one-time friendship.


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oh my god i (j)hope i am not late. I´d LOVE to do that! so if you still need someone, remember me :smiley:

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Hi, sorry for the late reply too. I already have a few chapters of the story up but I could really use the help with the following chapters.

I also have a few more taekook books in the works so if you’re willing to look into that too then i’s be really grateful.

Sooo, where do I contact you? And how do we go about this?


ooof sorry, i kinda lost my password and didnt see your reply. soooo sorry.
but anyway, i suggest that you just pm me, (i followed you btw) and then we can talk further. Is that okay?
: D

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