Beta readers for adventure/dystopia novel needed (payment provided)

I need a few beta readers to take a look over the first half of my adventure novel, up to where it says ‘part 2’. The reason I only want people to read the first half is because the second half is in no way decent and is filled with plot holes. I don’t need someone else to tell me this. I would mostly like you to focus on plot (whether it makes sense, and are there any plot holes), character development and grammar, spelling and punctuation, but other things would be helpful too. Though, I don’t really want feedback on my writing style because I’m already working on that. Equally, if something is really bugging you, just tell me.

Payments: I can offer follows, shoutouts, feedback on your book, and of course credit where it is due, or anything else you can think of.

Just leave inline comments where you see fit, unless you have a preferred method of giving feedback.

The summary of my book is here:
Nikita Greenwood just wants to spend her week at summer camp normally. But how can you be normal when you’re not sure you’ll ever be allowed to leave and go home again?

After the invasion of a dictator aiming to rule the earth, Nikita’s world falls apart. Banned from leaving the camp, Nikita ends up spending a lot longer there than anyone anticipated. But what’s so wrong with that when you find your new best friend?

But holding onto the friendship is going to get a lot harder as the army takes over the camp. Trapped inside, Nikita has to find a way to survive the horrors of the UK’s new prime minister, whilst still holding on to who she is. But as everyone knows, you can’t hold on for ever…

There is some (very) mild violence and there is some swearing, just to warn you.


So yeah, comment here or pm me if you’re interested.


I’d definitely be interested, I’ve been looking for some new books and this seems very interesting. Sign me up!

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Ok great! What do you want as payment? I can do feedback, shoutouts, whatever really. If you could just leave inline comments on my book for suggestions, etc. Thanks!

Sounds interesting! I’ll add it to my reading list.

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Great! What would you like as payment?

A follow with some reads and maybe some feedback on a story on my profile would be great!

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Ok sure, is there a specific story you’d like me to read, or should I just choose?

Just take your pick! It can be one or all…up to you!

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Here’s my request:

Payment: Nothing.

I really just need a new book to read, and yours seems very interesting.


Ok great! Thank you!

anyone else interested?

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