Beta Readers for Dystopian Sci-Fi

Title: Game of Mass Destruction

Genre and sub-genres: Dystopian Sci-do, LGBT, Humour and action.

Description: Game of Mass Destruction is a 50k word book about a reality TV show, Game of Mass Destruction. 20 adults all over the world are forced to fight a thousand flesh-eating robots and each other for a chance to become billionaires. Anything goes on the island, with bonus points awarded for sexual acts and killing.

The main character, Yuzuko Shikumi enters the island with her girlfriend. She leaves her little boy and perfect world in Kyoto to enter the show on her mother’s request to stop the hostess and her anti-robot rights. Along the way she meets her online friends and also discovers family secrets.

Other Information: Welcome to most feedback but mainly want to work on making more exciting action/sex scenes without it being to samey. Also just want to make the book tighter as a whole.

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sounds interesting, are you offering any payment?

Because it’s a big project around 50K, Yes I am.

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