Beta readers for New Adult Romance (Chance to choose your own payment)

Hey guys,

I’m looking for beta readers for my New Adult Romance, The Death of Isaiah Williams.

The story is just over 60,000 words, with chapters lying between 100-2,500 words (I know they are pretty short). The average chapter is probably somewhere around 1,600 words.

I am looking for a beta reader who would offer me some insight into the following:

  • character arc
  • plot developments
  • potential plot holes
  • Any glaring grammatical errors/errors period (some always manage to slip through)

Now, onto the fun part.
In terms of payment, I’m pretty much open to anything that is allowed on Wattpad. Here are some options that are available:

  • I will definitely give each and every beta reader credit within the story itself.
  • Permanent follow
  • I will read and comment on at least ten chapters of your story (if I like it, I’ll probably finish it)
  • A free review in my review book of as many of your stories as you choose.
  • A shoutout

Basically, you can ask for anything within reason.

Here is the blurb:

‘Philanthropist, Isaiah Williams, dead at 73’

The news of the death of Isaiah Williams sends shock waves through an entire nation. For Cora, the repercussions are felt in every aspect of her life. But, it is her love life that takes the real hit. The once acceptable advances of Aiden, a cute boy in her French class, become an enemy attack. It is up to Cora to decide if she sides with her community or with her heart.

If you are interested, comment below with your preferred payment method.

Thanks in advance to all who reply xxx

p.s. there is no smut (at most a heated kissing scene) and infrequent use of profanities.

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I think you’ve read one chapter of my story (A Royal Internship) so if you hated it feel free to disregard this! But I’m always looking for new things to read and new eyes on my story. Please feel free to send me a message if you are interested and we can discuss details!

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Hello I like to help

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Thanks, what would you like your payment to be?

If you want you can read Chat or dragons my two books in English.
How are we going to do this, with google drive or something like that perhaps?

I usually do beta reading via inline comments or like an overall impression once you have finished reading just because it is easier for me to edit from there.


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