Beta Readers Needed - Adventure/Mythological

  • Title - Descendants of the Zodiac
  • Genre and sub-genres - Adventure, action, mythological
  • Description - Meredith is a university student just trying to get through the last three weeks of her degree when a ghostly figure turns her place of solace, the library, into a place of terror and fear. Attacks happening over and over again, throw her for a loop as something in her begins to stir.

*Mature book, language, violence, sex etc.
Payment can be anything you want within reason, DM me with questions.


You might want to add a link so people can easier find your story and thus will be quicker to respond.

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Hey I was wondering which Mythology your novel is.

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It does help if you add a link to the book / chapter you want to have reviewed :slight_smile:

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