Beta readers needed for 30k mermaid adventure

The Wild Mermaid is a completed mermaid adventure with dark, romance, and action themes. It is trippy and not for readers who want straightforward stories. I’ve added a summary below.

This draft is a little raw, but I’m hesitant to put in too much work until I’ve sanity checked this plot. What I really need to know is how readers respond to the story and where fundamental issues are.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to offer beta reading for payment at this time, (openings after Christmas, but yeah, that’s far away) So I would love to pay with follows, shoutouts, and dedications. Feel free to PM me or discuss below.


Celene was once a college freshman, and nothing was going well-except for her evening outings. Each night, she wandered into the ocean and transformed into a mermaid. She resisted the ocean’s pull, but Celene surrendered her human identity and became Cora, the newest member of Triton’s pod.

Cora was excited to visit Queen Mari’s capital of Atlantis. However, once her pod reaches the city, nothing was like she had been told. Cora discovers the magic of mermaid song and learns she is expected to sing for the queen, transferring her own life force into the mermaid queen.

Despite her muddled mind, Cora must reawaken Celene. Their only hope for survival lies in learning to work together.

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Hi there - are you still looking for some fresh eyes on this? Your summary sounds really interesting and I would love to beta read for you.

I’m a copywriter myself so I have years of experience around theme, branding and plot developement.

Alyssa x

Hey, I’m still looking for readers! I’m not planing to start edits for a couple months, so another set of eyes on this would be awesome!

You’re perspective as a copywriter would be greatly appreciated. Anything that I can do for you? Feel free to PM me to discuss further too.

Hello! I would love to read your book and help you out! I would just want a permanent follow in return :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks for the offer! I’d love your eyes on it :slight_smile: I’m good with a permanent follow. Do you have a link to your wattpad account? I’m not having any luck finding it, sorry. :sweat_smile:

It’s lucy181033 without the extra 1 at the end

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