Beta Readers needed for 60k Science Fiction

Hi everyone! I’m looking for beta readers to give me feedback on my story Kepler-168F. It is completed at 60k words and is a standalone novel. There are themes of romance, but nothing mature or LGBTQ. I would love as many beta readers as possible as I am looking to publish this novel someday!

I would prefer if we could work through Google Docs (if you would share your email with me!), but if you’re willing to beta read my novel and don’t have access to Google Docs, then I’m sure we can figure something out :slight_smile:


Worldwide nuclear warfare decimated the Earth in 2045. The Council emerged shortly afterwards. They proposed one solution; send the children to Kepler-168F, a planet like Earth.

Etta Parker became one of the Chosen at eight years old. She’s known for her ruthlessness and cunning, being nicknamed the ‘Rabid Dog’ during the historically renowned trials.

When Etta turns eighteen, her life changes drastically. Women are expected to marry and produce children, however prestigious their position in society is.

Etta refuses to give up her life to become a mother. She’s worth more than that.

She craves freedom and power - and she’ll achieve it by any means.

Payment: I am willing to offer my beta reading services. I can also pay with a permanent follow, a shoutout of your profile etc. Just name your price and I’m sure we can discuss it (of course, no monetary payments)!

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Hey, I’m in! Sounds interesting. A beta would be greatly appreciated. I have 10 chapters ready to read now. If you want to continue after that, you can by request but I won’t push you!


Great, thanks! I’ve PM’d you :slight_smile:

bump! still looking for about 5 more beta readers :slight_smile:

I would love to be your beta reader. Can you be mine? My story is Matthew and the Chimney Sweeps. It’s a middle grade fiction. Link: I don’t have access to google docs. Is it okay if we just use wattpad?

what kind of feedback would you like?

Can you put up the link to your story if you are interested?

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Yes! It’s totally fine if we just use Wattpad! The link to my story is here:✔️

I would like general feedback on enjoyment, as well as any advice that you can give me. I’m looking forward to reading your story!

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Great. I’m looking forward to your story as well. Quick question. Do you want the feedback to be in the comment sections of the story?

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Yes! That’s totally fine!


bump! still looking for about 3-5 more beta readers!

Interested! Shoot me a message for my e-mail :relaxed:

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Will do! Thank you :slight_smile:

Sounds cool I’m down! Shoot me a pm for the deets I can totally work through docs and we can discuss payment!

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I’ve sent you a message!

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