Beta Readers Needed for 80K YA Contemporary/Sweet Romance

Hi All! I’m ISO 3-4 amazing beta readers for my completed M/F YA Sweet (no sex) Romance to give feedback on plot, pacing, and characters by the end of February, but I can be flexible on deadline. I’m willing to swap if you write YA contemporary or YA fantasy and can give feedback/comments either on Wattpad or in a private doc, if you prefer. I plan on indie publishing the story off-Wattpad, so I’d like to work with my betas in Word docs. Contact me if interested and I’ll send a sample so you can see if the story is for you! Here’s the blurb:

High school Junior Chloe Baker is an expert on Big Moments. Though last year’s Big Breakup sucked, it motivated her to chase a new, bigger goal this year—impress the college soccer scouts and get recruited before anyone else. But when the winds of change blow Chloe’s ex back into her life, focusing on soccer—not to mention schoolwork, her friends’ drama, and her new crush—gets a whole lot more complicated.

After eight months of no contact, suddenly Travis is everywhere. Chloe is over him. She’s positive about that. But will his reappearance stall her progress, or is facing down her past the only way to move forward?

A FEW SMALL MOMENTS is an 80K-word YA Contemporary Romance about friendship, forgiveness, and the things that matter most.

*This manuscript has gone through several edits by me, so it should be relatively error-free. I just need to know if the story works!


Hey, I’m interested!

Hi, awesome!

I’m relatively new to Wattpad - what’s the best way for me to send you sample chapters?

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Google docs is fine.

I’m interested in beta reading as an experience but I don’t have anything I’d like in return. I’d love to read and give feedback on your story. :))

Hi! Thanks for your interest! I will message you a Google Docs link where you can download a sample to test the story. Then just let me know if you’d like to continue!


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