Beta Readers Needed for a First Draft Sci-Fi

Hi there,
I have finished writing my first sci-fi novel and am looking for some feedback to help polish it off as much as i can. I am offering a follow, shout out on my wattpad or bookstagram (link in profile), a read/critiques depending on what you want and how much of my book you read, so just let me know.

  • Title: SOUL
  • Genre and sub-genres: Science Fiction
  • Description: A colony of humans who make up the last of the human race have found a new planet, Vitus. However, the galaxy is home to a violent alien race they come to call Raptors, and are thrown into a war for survival. Aurora, a young botanist, discovers a Raptor’s secret and is forced to choose whether to expose him or not.
    Along with some snark sarcasm, epic battles and a ship-load of psychological trauma, Aurora learns that being alive is more than simply surviving.

Aura was born on ARC 73. She’d never seen a sunset, never felt the wind blowing through her hair, never swam in the ocean. That was until her 22nd year.

When Aura turned 22, three things happened. The first was blowing out her candles on the cake that wasn’t really cake. The second was her husband being stabbed by a space-sick crew member on his way back to the party. The third, was that ARC 8 had found a habitable planet.

:diamonds: Mature scenes include language and violence.
:diamonds: If you like Jay Kristoff and Battlestar Galactica

I realise the prologue has some exposition in it, please do not point this out to me as I have heard it from many people. There is a reason it is like that at the moment.
I am still tweaking the ending a little because I’m not fully satisfied with it, but will update if I do make any changes.

Thank you in advance

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Thank you! I don’t know how to edit that since it’s been flagged and hidden now, but I appreciate it. :+1:

Hi there,

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Thank you

I’m open to it if you are willing to reciprocate. I need someone to take a look at the middle section of my Harry Potter fan fiction (stand alone–you do not need to have read the books or seen the movies to follow it) and give me an opinion on something.

Are you still looking for people? If so message me.

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