Beta Readers Needed for Action Thriller

My novel is completed and up on Wattpad! It’s under my primary account, @BrookeNotAshley .


Word count: 87,000 words

“Secrets must stay secret or people will die.”

Roy never intended to become an agent of PHENIX. He certainly never intended to spare a child he was supposed to kill. But Roy makes that choice, and the even more dangerous choice of raising the boy.

The boy, Asher, was quiet but an excellent marksman. Roy trusted him completely and Asher had never given any indication of betraying him. So when PHENIX asked Roy to take on one final assignment, he wasn’t surprised Asher wanted to tag along.

With the promise of retirement from PHENIX and the suspicion that something bigger was taking place under their noses, Roy and Asher fight for the chance to have a different life.

A life beyond PHENIX.

The only payment I can offer at the time is a guaranteed follow and unlimited support/kindness whenever you need it!

The kinds of things I’m hoping for include:
• Did you enjoy it?
• Were there any awkward phrases/sentences/etc?
• Honestly speaking, what did you like/dislike about the story?

I’d appreciate anyone’s help!

This sounds like the kind of thing I like to read, but it is pretty long. What is your timeline for completing the Beta Read?

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I’m glad you’re interested!

There’s no exact timeline. Initially, I was hoping for the end of December but with the holidays coming up (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah too) I understand that might not be possible.

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December might be possible depending on how much I have to say. I can certainly let you know if it becomes impossible.

I have never been a Beta reader on Wattpad before. Usually I just take completed manuscripts and provide feedback. Do you have a preferred format for comments (google document, message, comments, etc.)?

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I do have a Word document if that’s easier. I can also do the Google Docs, although I’m not as familiar with that. I’m willing to learn if that’s your preference!

I know that commenting and messaging on Wattpad might get a bit confusing. Whichever way works for you, I can certainly adapt if it’s something I haven’t tried before!

I really appreciate any feedback you have to offer!

A word document or PDF works fine :slight_smile: I can work with that and it is probably the best way to go about it, I agree.

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Awesome! I sent you a message on Wattpad :slight_smile:

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