I am looking for beta readers for my completed story. I have a few other horror stories that are on the way. My completed one is:

My story is a horror, apocalyptic zombie outbreak.
It is completed, 43,000 words, mature.
TITLE: End of the Living
Genre and subgenre: Horror, thriller, fantasy
Description: Nick Lacey used to be an average, college guy. He never expected to find himself fighting for his life in a world doomed to death. The day of his big test, Nicks world is shattered when a fungal outbreak consumes mankind. Now, Nick must find a cure for this outbreak, but, will the monsters of this new world prove to be too much?

Mae Adams; a charismatic, loving girl in a big world. Nothing could have prepared her for the day an outbreak rips across the world. She must learn to adjust to a cruel world in hopes of surviving. If she doesn’t, the real monsters will soon find her.

Disclaimer: The zombies in this story are based off of Naughty Dog’s video game The Last Of Us. I do not take credit for the depictions of the zombies in this story.

WARNING: This book contains gore, violence, cannibalism, sexual assault, foul language, and more. Please be cautious of reading if you are uncomfortable with any of these topics.

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Would you be willing to swap feedback? Like, we beta read for each other?

I’d be interested in beta reading!

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PM for details!

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