BETA Readers Needed for an Urban Fiction story

If you are not a fan, nor ever read an urban fiction novel then please do not respond to this thread. However, if you are a fan and read an urban fiction novel before then please DM me about being a BETA reader.

Please include the following:

Title: Innocence Of Revenge

  • Urban Fiction, Urban romance, and urban drama

*Summary: They are here


The man I love parades her around my family, friends, and colleagues as if a year and a half didn’t happen. She’s moving elegantly on his arms; as if she belongs there.

I am here at my birthday party feeling my heart shatter into millions of pieces.

DM for instructions!


This… made me feel like I want to fight someone. Like had a mini flash back and I feel triggered lmao

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lmao omg I’m sorry haha but I had to go there

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