Beta Readers Needed for Chinese Historical Ficiton...

  • Title: The Fall of an Empire
  • Genre and sub-genres: Historical Fiction, Drama, Romance(kinda)
  • Description(very rough, sorry :sweat_smile:. I suck at descriptions):

Upon receiving a letter from the Emperor of China inviting the daughter of the Wang Clan to journey to the Capital and marry into royalty, the Wang Clan officially decides to join the ever-growing Anti-Imperialist group.

Wang Lei, daughter of Wang Yao, the self-proclaimed man of reason as to why Emperor Li is Emperor, finds herself thrown into the middle of a twenty-five-year-old nation-wide feud for the crown as a spy for a treasonous group she has never even heard of before.

However, before Wang Lei even has a chance to make it very far outside the walls of her Clan, she finds herself being held captive by the very man at the center of the Anti-Imperialist group, Da Fei Hong, the son of the deceased previous Emperor of China along with her husband-to-be, Crowned Prince Li Jun. Now, roped into what seems to be an entirely different plan, Wang Lei is juggled between life and death as the safety of the nation balances in the palm of her hand.

Faced with many challenges along the way, Wang Lei must put aside personal feelings and fight for the truth on what is right and what is wrong not only for China but for herself as the Empress-to-be.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Wang Lei can’t wait to give those words a new meaning.

First things first, this is a very very very rough first draft. So, if you’re willing to be working with me for months and have to put up with my self doubt(amoung other things that will no doubt give you a headache) then please come to my rescue! This is the first draft I have ever completely finished. It took me 5 months to write it. I’ve been done for about two or three weeks now and I’ve been slowly skimming through(who am I kidding? I’m on chapter three). But the thing is, I already know what needs to be fixed. And that is driving me insane. I want to fix the obvious things so badly but I am trying to wait while I have a few writer friends look over it for me.

So, I’ve decided I need more eyes on the project. People who I don’t know personally who will freely tear my baby apart, possibly making me cry but definitely helping me in the long run. So, if you like to be brutally honest, then please help me!

I need people to catch minor things. I know what needs to be worked on(for example, adding more scenes of specific characters(I wrote out of order so the ending is not really connected with the beginning and middle since some characters are very prominent in the end but not in the beginning so I need to filter them in more). I also need to work on character development(I’m hoping to get someone who specializes in that because I seriously suck at it. I’m ashamed to admit it but I seriously have such a hard time finding my character’s voices). I know the POV and tense needs help(it’s written in present tense but sometimes I slip into past. POV is 3rd, which I’ve never tried before so I have a lot of head-hopping in scenes and I read that that’s wrong so…))

For the first read-through, I’m hoping to just gain some insight as to what seems to be working and what doesn’t. Along with your feel of the characters(are relatable or too paper-feeling?) and some help with plot holes and such, just so I know where to start with the second draft. To be honest, at this point I’m not too concerned with grammar because that can be fixed last after all needed scenes are written and the plot is fixed up and makes sense.

This leads me into my second point. I am searching for three different types of beta readers, I guess. Ideally, I would like 5-10 beta readers(just people who will read from a readers perspective), 5-10 sensitivity readers(since i am not Chinese, I imagine I have some cultural things wrong, even though I researched a lot) and 5-10 critique partners(people who will read it from a writer’s perspective). That seems like a lot of people but each group will be looking at something different for me. Plus I imagine some won’t want to stick around throughout the different drafts due to multiple reasons(loss of interest, time, unknown reasons etc etc). So if you want to work with me please tell me which group you would like to be in.

On a side note, I would also like to create a group chat(maybe?) with you all, just so we can all chat together sometimes though I imagine it will probably be more one-on-one or through comments.

Now, I will be sharing my book with you through google docs which makes me extremely nervous because I am extremely paranoid. So if you want to steal my book/idea just don’t, please. That’s a lot of paperwork for court and I can assure you I will win.

Anyways, back to the point. I am hoping you will want to work with me for a long time. I can beta read for you at any time and maybe if you like my writing you can become a regular beta reader for me and vise versa. Basically, I am looking for people who like longevity in relationships(of all kinds) since we will be entering a “business” relationship(ew that sounds too serious.)

I do work full time and I am looking for a part-time job as well(bc ur girl is broke) but I will always have time for TFOAE, even if it does take me a day or two to get back to you. Also, sorry this post is all over the place, my brain works faster than my fingers can type and then before i know it word vomit :woman_shrugging:

If you have any questions shoot me a PM! Or comment it down below!

EDIT: I forgot to mention a payment…

I’m a broke 19-year-old girl working my ass off in the medical field as an underpaid CNA, so money is out of the question. I don’t like the idea of vote for vote/read for read/follow for follow so I don’t WANT to do that but if that’s the payment you desire then fine. I was thinking more along the lines of sending an ARC once I finish the book. Or a signed copy once I get published, whether I do it traditionally or self. And a copy of the sequel as well. Or if you beta read for me and find you hate my story then maybe I can beta read for you? Or anything you want, minus money(lol). Really, it all depends on what you want in return, I am very open to terms of payment.

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I’m interest in a partnership where we beta read for each-other. I am very honest with my feedback (but I will also be supportive don’t worry). I can read from a writer perspective, I especially focus on plot analysis so I can look at your pace, grammar, plot holes, character development, hook etc.

This is my stories blurb, currently I am editing my 9 chapters drastically so I’ll need feedback on the changes i’m making:
A deal to save a life, limited time to destroy the butterfly effect that leads to a devastating death and a mysterious boy from the future.

Ending your teen years is fun, it’s thrilling. Except it isn’t when you’re confronted by the death of your close friend. Valerie Vess always thought that love was exciting in its unpredictability the same way death was sad in its inevitability. That is until a mysterious 17 year old from the future appears into her life with a deal to change the past and fix the ruin around her.

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I would love to enter into a partnership with you! Your blurb already has me hooked.

However, I do have one question. Your book is 9 chapters in general or that’s just how far along you are? Because my book is 45 chapters(which is subjected to change but the first draft is 45 chapters and a little over 70,000 words) so it may seem a little unfair but I can read some of your other projects to make up for it if you wish

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I’m currently only at 9 chapters, but this works as you can just go through my stuff as I write it mine is ongoing currently. Also we can work on deadlines like I’m not going to read it all in one week haha, but we can space it out and work on each section of your book at a time

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Now way would I expect you to read it in a week lol. I was thinking as long as I had a second draft done by April then I’m good. Plus it’ll give me time to write the second book as I’m waiting for feedbacks and doing some small edits before tackling the whole thing.

We should be able to work that into a nice timeline

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(the person I tagged is mainly a reader in this site and likes chinese historical novels)

@ronarawan something you might be interested in reading

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I would love to help you out with this! Would you be interested in a swap?

I have a Chinese-inspired mythology novel that is set to be completed next Wednesday.

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Absolutely! I would love read that, I’m super into mythology and the extent of my knowledge on Chinese mythology is limited to dramas lol.

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Haha that’s perfectly fine! It’s tough to find a lot of people interested in Chinese novels like these.

Feel free to shoot me a message so we can discuss more of what you’re hoping to get out of this experience and how you’d like to go about it ^^

It really is hard to get people interested in Chinese based novels but that’s the price I’ll have to pay since I really like how my story is turning out and it’s too late to change my mind now :blush:

Great! I’ll shoot you a message in a few moments(if that’s alright)


We need more stories like these so keep on writing!

Yes, that’s perfectly fine ^^


btw just a heads up: no one should ever be asking you for money or vote trading. it’s against wattpad’s policy. usually when people say payment, they mean a follow from you or a few comments on their story.

report their asses if they try to ask for money or vote trades

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Thank you! I did not know this.

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no problem ! just looking out for fellow writers :smile:

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ohhh yeah definitely. i think it’s because it’s a very different culture than most western audiences are not familiar with, and seeing different names / reading about a totally different world can be confusing.

especially wuxia / chinese fantasy. that is soooo hard. i remember trying to do a sun wukong inspired story and that didn’t turn out well lol

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bump :shushing_face:

I would love to be able to help you!

As someone who is also writing a historical story about east Asia (it’s a fanfic based on South Korea/Goryeo Dynasty, who’s culture is influenced a lot by China, so I can understand your struggle lol), as well as being a huge history nerd too, there is definitely a market for your book!

Message me if you still needed someone to help you and we can work out the finer details then. But either way, good luck with your book!

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Great! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you, I’m kinda busy these days.

I would love to read your book in return! I’m thinking about writing a Korean historical next… or a fantasy. So i need to venture into reading Korean inspired novels since I haven’t read any before.

I’m trying to get my book sent out by tomorrow evening that way everyone will have about a month or so(this can be extended by a few weeks if need be) to read it and get the doc with questions filled out so I can do some edits and then hopefully send it back to read a final time. If this work for you then great! If not then that’s fine too :slight_smile:

I will try to message you soon.

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