Beta Readers Needed for Fantasy Novel

Looking for Beta Readers for my novel, Ocean Song Beneath the Waves(the first in the series). I’d say I’d ideally like to take on at least six or seven. If you require payment then I will gladly read and critique a story of your choosing.

  • NOTE: I do not do fanfictions, sci-fi, or non-fiction. Anything else goes and if it contains sex then please let me know. I’d like to not get hit over the head with a million references to one part of the human body and how a person chooses to use it on another person.

Title: Ocean Song Beneath the Waves
Series Number: 1
Genre: Fantasy/New Adult
Status: Complete


A storm gathers on the horizon, and the sea shall swallow all…
Serena Adamaris’s life is fairly ordinary aside from the ostracization at school, living with four gorgeous older brothers and a father who spends more time staring out at the sea than anything else. How many times has she been told to stay away from the ocean? Her mother was a fine example of why she should stay away. But everything goes to hell with just a single disappearance.

One mistake, one fall, and myth becomes reality…
She should’ve listened. If she had, life would still be normal and there wouldn’t be so many things trying to kill her. This new mythical world is supposed to be magical and bright. But it’s anything but that, and now, she just might have gotten her entire family caught up in a whole new world of troubles. But what is one girl supposed to do against a threat to an entire underwater kingdom?

Beta Reader Spots Remaining: 4

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I’m interested in being a beta reader. If you are still interested, can you please contact me through personal message. I’m not usually active in the forums


Hello! My name is Ashling, and I’m very interested in becoming one of your beta readers. This story really caught my attention, and I’d love to give you feedback. DM me if you’re interested!