Beta Readers Needed For Fantasy Novella

I’m searching for beta readers for a novella that’s around 23K. It doesn’t have a title just yet, but that might change when I have a more thorough idea of what I should title it. I’m willing to provide a google-doc link as I don’t plan to put it up on Wattpad (… I may upload it in the future), but it is complete. It’s kind of fantasy-adventure based, I’d say? It’s about a pirate who’s cursed to die in five years unless she gives up her heart, which she refuses to do. And so she goes about her life, getting closer with her crew and, as she reaches the five-year mark, she gets weaker and weaker. But it’s also about a girl growing up in the world, about magic, about a world of wonder. She isn’t a hero and probably isn’t a nice person, but she builds herself a life and a family (whether or not she notices it).

In essence, it’s about a pirate who gets cursed and does her best to live the rest of her life with no regret. And, in the end, curses are tricky things and hearts are even trickier and good endings aren’t always happily ever afters, but they can still be happy.

For payment, I don’t have much since I’m not definitely going to publish it (especially as I may end up doing drafts and whatnot). However, I can do a follow (although, I may accidentally unfollow in the future sometime). I can do a swap for editing/reviewing, but I’m not fantastic and I’d probably only do about 23K in return. However, we can discuss payment options and whatnot.

Thank you for reading this and feel free to reply on here or PM me on Wattpad (I’m under the same username). :smiley:

Possibility I could. But would need a pair of eyes for the rewrites I’m doing.

As long as they’re both around the same length, I’m happy to help! Can’t guarantee that I’m any good, but I’m willing to give it my best shot.

about 2k words each, and done 4.

I can definitely do that then!

Now it’s 7, almost 8.

That’s all good! I’m happy to look through any amounts that end up totalling between 22K and 23K. Is there anything specifically you’d want me to focus on? I can’t say I’ve got much experience, but I’m willing to give it my best try!

I dunno. There’s not much to request.

But my total amount still isn’t 22K… lol
It’s like… 8x2k roughly

Big fan of dragons, huh? Why did you switch genres all the sudden?

Hey @SilentSilverSlip and @Archdav!
If either of you would like another beta reader, I’d love to do it, just let me know!
~Sy :hearts:

What genre do you write?

Mostly fantasy & scifi, but I do a little bit of poetry, action/adventure, and fanfic as well.

oh okay. what are you conditions for reading about 8 chaps?

If you could beta-read a recent short story I posted (To Make a Deal), that would be great. It’s only one chapter (about 2500 words) so it wouldn’t take too long. A follow would also be appreciated, but I’m really just trying to get involved in the Wattpad community right now since I’ve been inactive for quite a while.

I will… after I read this other for a read for read…

Okay, sounds great! If it’s going to be a while, you can PM me on Wattpad whenever you’re ready.

Just 2 chaps. I’ll prob be done in about 10-15 mins.

Oh, okay. Btw, is there anything you want me to focus on while beta-ing?

Nah. Just keep up with The Champ’s character… a lot of people call out poetic scenes with him, like motifs and stuff of that nature.

Okay, sounds good! Send it to me whenever you’re ready.