Beta Readers Needed for Fantasy (Payment offered)


I’m hoping for beta readers for my completed novel (about 97,000 words).

Looking for advice on how to improve my plot, characters, world-building and believability. Don’t want grammar feedback as such.

Title: Three Broken Kingdoms (Book 1 of the Lost Continent)

Genre: Fantasy, High Fantasy.

Description: Three Kingdoms on the brink. A war on the horizon.

In the Lost Continent, three races are forever divided: valkyries, elves and humans…

For as long as anyone can remember, tensions between the three have been high and war has always been on the horizon. Indeed, a mere thirty years ago the valkyries and elves tore each other apart in the name of vengeance, each side blaming the other for the deaths of their goddesses. But now as the Empress of Kallias and ruler of all humankind turns to the North, valkyries and elves will have to fight to survive against a threat unlike any they’ve seen before…

War. Love. Hate. Betrayal. Duty. Fate. Revenge. Magic. And above all, power.

Blood will be spilt. Dreams will be crushed. Vengeance will be had.

Three Kingdoms on the brink. Only one will survive the War of Flame and Shadow.

Payment: Will do a beta read of book of your choice and can focus on any area you want. Could also do a follow or add books to a public reading list if your prefer.

NOTE: I will beta read as much of your book as you do mine. Would prefer someone to read the whole novel and provide feedback on book as a whole.

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Please reply here or PM me

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