Beta Readers Needed For Incompleted Story



Hello, everyone. :wave:t3: I have started writing again this year after a very long hiatus but am currently struggling with my story so am looking for beta readers to help me. :tired_face:

My story is a dark fantasy romance containing vampires and ghosts. If you enjoy reading that sort of stuff then I would really appreciate if you took a look at my writing and told me what you think I can do to improve it.

I will take everything anyone says into consideration and will dedicate an upcoming chapter to you if your advice or opinion has helped me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




What’s a beta reader


Hello there!

Beta Readers section of Story Services is for complete story. You can take a look at the guidelines here: Beta Reader Guidelines. If you need feedback for your incomplete stories, you can find people who offer those in #story-services:critiques-and-feedback :blush:

I’m going to close your thread. Thank you for understanding!


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