Beta Readers Needed for LGBTQ+ Romance Novel Based on Greek Mythology

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I recently just completed my first book here on WP and would love some feedback on it. It’s a mature LGBTQ+ romance based on greek mythology. It has 47 chapters, so it’s quite a read. As a payment, I’m willing to return the favor and read your completed works.

Title: Gods Know I Tried

Genre and sub-genres: Romance and Fantasy

Description: Although greek gods and goddesses are notorious for their ill-tempers and infidelities, there is one rule they all abide by which is to never fall in love with an ánthropos, the lowest-ranked beings in all the realms. As Hades’ second oldest son, Jace is the sole ruler of the underworld city of Cocytus and happens to be secretly infatuated with an ánthropos singer. Through a series of unforeseen circumstances, the singer ends up under his care and what follows test Jace’s limits and may force him to wage war.

{Trigger Warning: This book contains mature sexual content, domestic abuse, suicidal ideations, mentions sexual assault, language, and violence.}

I’m not done with my projects yet, but this premise sounds fascinating. I have a few books in my tbr pile, but I’ll definitely check this out!

Thanks for your interest! And it’s okay if your projects aren’t completed, I’ll still check them out and stick to the end if you read my completed book :grinning:

I am also writing a fantasy novel with an M/M romance. I am only 17 chapters in so far, but I’d love to do a RfR for that much and then try to continue yours to the end if and when I have time!

Want to check if “The Claimed” looks up your alley?

I checked it out and it does look right up my alley! We can do a RfR for the first 17 chapters and go on from there.

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Awesome! Do you have a preference for a particular type of feedback? Inline comments, end of chapter thoughts, PMs?

And is there anything you would like for me to particularly focus on?