Beta Readers Needed For NA Historical Fiction * Payment Provided *


Beta Readers Needed: For polished Historical Fiction book which I recently did a ton of editing and revisions on in anticipation to query for publication. Now I’m looking for people who can read over it with fresh eyes and give their honest opinion about what works, what doesn’t, and what could be even better.

:diamond:Payment::diamond: For payment I can return beta reading services, follow, leave feedback, or critique.

The Story: Dragon Son’s Apprentice

Summary: 𝕬ksana Kastel, a young Kingsguard in Moldova, savors her freedom and the convenience of her families status. Little more than training, enjoyment, and her duties as Prince Audric’s sworn sword, take precedence to the entitled twenty-three-year-old.

During a raid on Moldova, Aksana supersedes her life in place of Prince Audric’s.

Later in an Ottoman prison, she befriends a wary sentinel called Emery. Bonding over a shared inability to determine their own futures, they grow closer as Aksana battles for her life. All the while negotiating the perilous courts of her life long enemy and accepting her inescapable destiny.

But when the fate of the entire kingdom rests on her shoulders, will Aksana Kastel rise to fight- or fade away?

Only time will tell.

𝕾et in the late 15th century, this is a multicultural, multifaith, bilingual, entirely fictional take on Stephan III of Moldova’s reign and subsequent conflicts with a rising Ottoman Empire.

𝕿his story does have some mature themes such as war, violence, mental illness, and small quantities of profanity.


Hey! I’m interested.

This is my book below. Let me know if you’d be interested in returning services with it. It was done at one point but now I’m rewriting and posting on WP as I go.

One day, the world shattered. Watching water burn and books become nonsense, some said that science had been hacked.

Without answers or order, civilization erupted into hysteria and refugees flooded the sanctuary of Saint East. Wandering from overturned cities and floating towns, people brought stories from the West and South, but only nine survived the North.

Broken and dying, they delivered three warnings of what would eventually follow them.

First, they spoke of the virus that had conquered the world.

More urgently, they warned of its human hosts, the Strike.

Third, they predicted a bloody war.

Years later, the few who survived the onslaught won’t speak a word of it. Ella is a hostage of that silence. A soldier hiding in her own life, a final mission forces her to confront the past when she meets Jackson Lethe.

Jackson is a Rider of Saint East, the cult credited with brutally ending the war. He’s radical, obsessive and hunting the final Strike. Most want to bury him like the past, but Ella’s fate is tied to his, and the pieces of their shattered lives form a frightening picture:

The war isn’t over and time is running out.

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Sounds like a very interesting work, I’m definitely interested. I’ll DM you!

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Ooh, I’m interested!
But, please do note that I cannot read at the moment, since I have a few more books on my list. Maybe I can come back to your book after a week or so.
And also, I need another beta reader for my NA contemporary romance novel, “Time For Love”. Just check out the Foreword and see if you’re up for it. If not, I can still help you out, I don’t mind at all.

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I checked out the summery, romance is usually not my thing BUT I’m down to start reading it and see where things go! Let me know when your ready :slight_smile:

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I’m interested!
For centuries, the Arab tribes occupying the windswept plains of Arabia have known only bickering and conflict; they have clung to their traditions and gods for time immemorial.

However, this is all about to change with the advent of one man to the city of Yathrib. The Prophet’s camel kicks up clods of sand that will send ripples through time to change the course of history.

And at the center of it all is Hanthalah ibn Ka’b - a simple yet mischievous merchant’s son from the Jewish Banu Qurayza tribe that finds himself embroiled in the rising political entity of Islam.


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That’s great!
I’ll let you know!

Accepted! I actually already added this story to my reading list. Any thing in particular you want me to be on the lookout for?

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No just enjoy and comment whatever you feel like!

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Sounds great, same to you!

Do you still need one?