Beta Readers Needed for New Adult Fantasy, willing to do read-for-reads

Title: Luke Tennebris and the Emerald Amulet

Genre: Fantasy (new adult as the target audience is late teens through mid-twenties)

Description: Luke Tennebris, once the right-hand man of the villainous Firelord, now seeks to repair the amulet that helps him control his powers and to find a way to defeat his former mentor. Told through the perspectives of six main characters, this story blends humor, action, and strong thematic elements to tell a tale of religion, redemption, and responsibility. It is rated mature for rough language, graphic violence, some mild adult humor, and nonsexual nudity.

Important Information: The word count on the story currently stands at 102,403 words. I understand this is a huge ask and a monumental task. I am willing to read and critique something of equal or greater length or multiple smaller stories. In general, I’m pretty flexible in terms of what payments or services I can render in return for helping me improve my story.

Goal: I want to try to publish my story traditionally, as in find an agent and have a professional publishing company print my book as opposed to me simply self-publishing for a smaller market. I want this to be as good as possible, basically, so anything you take issue with, no matter how small or large, will be valuable to me. I’m not looking for a pat on the back and won’t be offended by harsh criticism.

Is this in google docs? I would like to give inline comments. I can read it, but it will take me some time (how much time? I’m not sure).

Yeah it’s in Google Docs. Take your time, but all I ask is that if you lose interest and don’t think you’ll finish, let me know and let me know why so that I can improve. I can PM you the link if you want.

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Yes please pm it to me

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