Beta Readers needed for non-fiction mature themed story



My story is completed by there are currently 7 chapters still in draft status that will be opened up for my beta readers.

  • Title: When You Realize You’ve Become The Mean Girl…and What Comes Next.
  • Genre and sub-genres: Non-fiction
  • Description: It isn’t every day that you find yourself waking up and realizing “Hey, I’m a mean girl.”
    I could make sure people like you didn’t make their way into our circle and I was very good at it. You wanted to sit with us? No thank you. You wanted to talk to one of us? Sorry, no can do. You wanted to collaborate on a school project? I.Don’t.Think.So…nothing personal. It’s just, look at you and look at me? Do you really belong here?

That’s the age-old question isn’t it? Do you really belong here? What does that even mean anyway? Of course, you belong here…right? You might be wondering why I’m telling you this. If you are patient I will explain. In order to tell you, I have to share some dark stuff. You might not want to hear it. If you don’t, that’s alright, I don’t really care. I’m a mean girl after all. If you are interested in finding out how a person becomes “mean” than don’t go anywhere. Things are about to get interesting…

  • Payment is negotiable, I can either:
  1. Add your book to my public reading list.
  2. Offer comments/feedback on your book.
  3. I can follow you

Let me know which option you would prefer and we can move forward from there.

What I am looking for with the review are, does the story flow? Are there areas where you would like to see more or less information. Is there an acceptable amount of monologue to dialog? That’s the gist of what I am looking for. Of course, if you see something that screams at you please let me know that too. Thank you.